Enuresis in Adults 

Bedwetting and treatment products

With Pjama’s soft, comfortable, waterproof and absorbent pajama pants or shorts, you can feel safe. A discreet and simple solution to keep the bed dry both at home and when staying overnight outside the home. Rustle-free products that look and feel like regular pajama bottoms.

If you are looking for a treatment solution our Pjama Treatment boxer/briefs and sensor together with the DryGuardians App is a fast and effective solution. If you want to protect the bed while in treatment you can choose to wear these under Pjama Pants or shorts or use bedding protection.

Our most cost-effective treatment product is DryGuardians for Everyone which includes our Connect Bedwetting Alarm. We have found that it is generally more effective for Women since the sensor area is smaller than with our Treatment-series.

Pjama Pants and Shorts

Sizeguide Pjama Pnats and Shorts
Sizeguide Pjama Pants and Shorts

Treatment Underwear

Sizeguide treatment underwear
Sizeguide of treatment underwear

Absorbent Underwear

Sizeguide absorbent underwear
Sizeguide of Absorbent Underwear
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