size guide

Pjama are available in the following lengths

Pjama Bedwetting Pants/ Shorts:

Age: 3-4 (98/104), 5-6 (110/116), 6-8 (122/128), 8-10 (134/140), 10-12 (146/152), Small (158/164), Medium (170/176), Large (182/188) and XLarge (194-).

Pjama Treatment Pants/ Shorts:

Age: 3-4 (98/104), 5-6 (110/116), 6-8 (122/128), 8-10 (134/140), 10-12 (146/152) and Small (158/164).


When choosing your Pjama, bare in mind that the Pjama should fit tight around the waist (not too tight of course).


The Pjama measurements are shown in the two tables.

The first table shows the measurements in cm and the second table in inches.  The Pjama Light is the same size for corresponding age, but has slightly less absorption.



The table shows how much each Pjama can absorb depending on the size. See the measuring table to find the right size.

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